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More La Couture Amore plus some Love Baby J and Rori go a long way! Las Vegas Couture Boutique Photographer

My previous post about La Couture Amore showed some love.  Now let me so even more LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE for one of the goddesses of  hair candy.   This was my 2nd piece to shoot.  When I put out a call to boutiques for couture outfits to match I never in a million years would have known that Love Baby J would contact me and offer her utterly amazing to the point of jaw dropping pieces.  You think these ladies pieces look fabulous on their websites, they are more amazing in person.   You think a little girl feels like a princess in a tutu and a tiara?  Put her in a Love Baby J feathery masterpiece and add hair candy from La Couture Amore and your little girl becomes a queen, at least that is what Rori said.  Her whole demeanor changed.  She walked on air, her facial expressions show.  She danced about and said I am a queen.    Now I think my daughter is beautiful but she shined.  My vision was during the day at a mall with shopping bags sunglasses and a poodle.  I worked for weeks on where and how to make this happen, especially since I did not have a poodle.    I found my location, I found a poodle I set the date.  I forgot about the time change! The night before my shoot the poodle had to cancel and I put a call out for a cute dog that could pull off couture.  What came was Annie the Beagle.  Why didn’t I think of a beagle?  I am outside the box, why did the poodle have to be posh and polished?  Annie is a special Beagle!

Pure bread Beagle

Annie was selected to show but her mother damaged her eye at 8 weeks and it was something that they could not fix. She has 9 champions in the last 3 generations of her pedigree. Her great grandfather is Scout from the Disney movie ‘I am number 4’  “It hard for Annie to live up to the high achievers in her family,”   her owner Stephanie Ruffalo told me. ” I want to be able to brag at the beagle reunion when we go visit the beagle farm again next year.”

Annie shined as a posh dog but her young age and all of the dog smells around the area left her on the hunt instead of being a poser.   My off an hour on my time due to the time change and an overcast day on top of it made for shooting in the dark.   With Annie on the move it made for a bunch of blur.  So for as cute as she was and as much as I wanted her to be in more frames these were her best shots.

One thing I learned is when something normal pops into my thoughts when creating, I need to think again!  I loved the beagle!

The dark made my shoot turn out totally different than my vision and it worked better I thought.   More dramatic!

dramatic light concept shoot


Dancing onto the next shoot!!  If you are a boutique and would like have your items photographed contact me! 🙂   PEaCE and LOve! 🙂



2 responses

  1. Stephanie Jones

    Renee, This AHH-MAZING!! not only does RORI look stunning but the little doggie as well.. Brilliant Calabo Ladies!! Thank youso very much for sharing..xx

    November 17, 2011 at 3:01 pm

  2. Renee, Your work definately speaks for itself… True talent! I was honored to work with such ah-maaazing ladies! Thank you so much for sharing… Sweet Rori and little Annie definately rocked the shoot! In one word… FABULOUS!!! xoxo

    November 17, 2011 at 4:19 pm

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