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Nelson, Nevada what a great place for taking photos! Three family sets! Las Vegas Family Photographer

Nelson, Nevada have you ever heard of it?  It is a fun little ghost town located about 40 minutes south of Las Vegas.   I have been photographing for more than hobby for over 3 years now and had yet to take a trip out to Nelson.  Wow I was missing out.   The drive is fantastic.  I guess I was afraid it was going to be some dirt road drive in the middle of nowhere.   The family that owns the property is so nice and accommodating.   My first set is from Kelli.  I have known Kelli for 4 years now.  She has also been a huge supporter of me and my art!  This is my third year shooting her family.  It was her idea to go out to Nelson!


Next up was Dre and her boys!   I did a shoot with them in 2009, also you may recognize her from her fabulous boudoir session!  I am thankful for all the support she has given me also!  Such a lovely person as are her boys!  Brian such a sweetheart with Autism and Carlos such a fine young man!  He is in the ROTC at his school.   He was so worried about dust on his shoes, he had such pride in his uniform and the flag.  It filled my heart.  We hear about the young people today who do not care, it is refreshing to see there is still hope for the future of our country!

Brian could not stop smiling, I finally got him to!!  Some photos just need no smiling!  Even though his smile will melt you!

He is going to make a FINE Marine some day!

ROTC Marine Youth

I love Patriotism!

One of my new favorite photos!!  It seriously almost makes me cry every time I look at it!

Brothers PAtriotism


Family three is Sandi and her clan!  Sandi is BFF’s with Kelli and also has followed me from the beginning.   I am so grateful for friendships I have formed and for the support and love!!  Sandi was supposed to go out to Nelson the same day as Kelli but plans changed so a week later we went back!   I was trying to make each shoot have their own feel to it!


Nelson is definitely on my IT list now!  Watch for many a future shoots out there!






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