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A mardis gras feel for a La Couture Amore Piece Las Vegas Concept child photographer!

mardis grzs las vegas children photographer concept



Way back at the end of  summer I won a photo contest for La Couture Amore.  This gal Stephanie is an amazing dreamer and designer.  I wanted to win that contest so bad and I did.  I received three pieces of amazing hair candy to photograph.  Sometimes shoots come to me quickly, sometimes I have to stare at a piece for a while and then it comes to me.  This feather piece had me perplexed at first.  I am very out of the box but every idea I came up with just didn’t work.  Finally on the brink of sleep a couple weeks ago it came to me.  First it came in form of a butterfly that morphed into a fairy but then I thought MARDIS GRAS!   I cut the wings out of cardboard and spraypainted them and then painted a little.   I found the petti tutu on Etsy for a fantastic price since the shop was moving by Shannon makesstuff.  I painted a little mask on Rori’s face but I should have done it darker, but Rori didn’t want any make up on so I had to get it done fast!   I got some feathers at Joann’s and I was lucky enough to have a friend throw them for me.  I added mardis gras beads and Rori did the rest.  She only wished she could fly! 🙂  Piece number 2 is being shot on Thursday! 🙂

Enjoy! If you want fantastic hair candy,something unique for a party, a piece for your pageant child, a fantastic themed birthday party or an over the top Bride make sure you start with La Couture Amore!




Posh Little Tots! Las Vegas Boutique Couture Children’s photographer

I have been chosen by Posh Little Tots to photograph their new line of couture hair candy pieces.  My Rori and Miss Olivia will be modeling the line!!

Coming soon stay tuned!!!

To order click here Posh Little Tots on Etsy

Boutique shoot for Gigi Creations! Las Vegas children photographer Las Vegas styled photo shoot

I had a fantastic opportunity to design a shoot for the fall line of Gigi Creations .  I was so thrilled that she took my style into consideration when she thought of these creations.  Stephanie is a wonderful person to work with and so talented!  It took a little over a month of planning and preparing.  I thank my husband for matching the pink on the dresses and painting the picture frames for me.    I also thank Miss Haley for filling it at the last minute as the mom of my scheduled model got sick the night before the shoot!   One more shout out to the fantastic Purple Turtle Boutique who created the mini top hat Rori was wearing and the rosette piece that Sam was wearing!  The other headband is a Gigi Creations Piece made to go with the skirt and top outfit.   I shot this in the arts district in downtown Las Vegas.

arts district concept kids shoot

Meet Sam:

And Haley:

and Rori:

We had so much fun

I just love working with my Boutique girls! Remember with the holiday’s coming up to support our work at home mom’s and get your kids real U.S. made clothes.

Find Gigi Creations on facebook here Gigi Creations  and don’t forget to like me on facebook as well Renee Waters Photography

Tis the season!!! Nominate a deserving family! Las Vegas Family photographer!!

With the Holiday’s a hop, skip, and leap away and before my calendar fills up for Holiday sessions, I would like to give a session to a family who would not be able to afford to have family photos otherwise.   This is not a voting contest, this is not a popularity contest.  A family can only be nominated once.   This is my gift to give.   My gift will include a 90 minute session, a disk with digital images.  1 8×10, 2 5×7 and 8 wallets.    Nominations can be for any deserving family no matter what they celebrate.   Follow these instructions to enter.    Because I respect people’s privacy I do not want the nominations to be on my blog.  I do however want a comment left with the family name nominated so that they are not nominated more than once.  To nominate please email me at reneewatersphotos@yahoo.com and tell me why you think the family is deserving.    Share this blog with others, like me on facebook and pass the cheer on.    I challenge everyone to pay it forward to someone.     Fill someone who is down and spent.  Sometimes all we can afford is to fill anothers cup!  Nominations must be in by November 1st.    Winner will be announced on my grandpa’s birthday November 3rd.  free photo session needy family nominate help for family holiday photos

Sarah and Matt a fun Summerlin reception. Las Vegas wedding photographer

Sarah and Matt were such a cute couple.  This was a celebration of their marriage, put on by Jackie who is Sarah’s ultra fabulous mom.  She is so nice and so talented.  It was a lovely backyard affair!

pool backyard wedding las vegas  summerlin



wedding favor box


B  cake top


Thank you for letting me be part of your day!

Fall mini sessions Las Vegas children Photographer, Las Vegas Family Photographer

Here is the latest special I am running.  Book your spot ASAP!!

9-10-11 A great day to get married Kym and Andy……. Las Vegas wedding photographer Las Vegas concept photographer

I was thrilled to be picked by Kym and Andy to be their wedding photographer.   I am a huge fan of non traditional, out of the box things.  Drive Thru wedding?  HECK YAH!!  They rented a fabulous vintage red convertible, to make it that much better.   The pitfall?  The car was not running great and we missed taking a lot of photos on the strip because they opted for safety which is the better option! They felt like celebrities driving down the strip, as people shouted and waved congratulations and took pictures as they drove.  If you want attention in Vegas add a red vintage convertible.  It is hard not to notice!!  Now if only it didn’t keep overheating and stalling out!

Getting ready to take off:

We did find  a magnificent sunset atop a parking garage with a city view.

palace station parking garage

Then off to the Drive through wedding

little white wedding chapel

drive through wedding

After the ceremony I did a ring shot by the headlight.   This is one of my new favorites.  I think this will go on canvas in my studio!

ring image headlight

After Kym booked me I thought it would be fun to make a fun bouquet for her.  I thought a Vegas wedding needed a Vegas bouquet!  I spent a couple months finding pieces for this and the final product was so cute I almost didn’t want to give it away!

unique bridal bouquet

and of course I had to capture their feet!

They were so cool, calm and collected, even as multiple things went wrong.  I am so glad I had the chance to work with them and be their photographer and I wish them many many years of love and happiness!!

The Lovely Lily in Pirate girl Concept shoot Las Vegas children Photographer Las Vegas concept photographer

It all started with me driving around town looking at Real Estate.  Yes I am looking to buy our first home, so I daydream and snoop about houses for sale that I might like.   I pulled into a dead end road just a few blocks up from me where the homes are zoned for horses still and there is acreage on the property.  As I was driving down the street what did I see at the end?  A BIG vacant field with an abandoned fishing boat sitting in it.    I drove down to check it out.  Looks like it had been there for a while and most likely wasn’t going anywhere.  It was tagged with some graffiti and it just called to me…… I knew this boat was the subject for my next concept shoot.   My mind filled with ideas and I threw it out there on my facebook page to boutiques to see if anyone had any ideas.  Maria from Wise Sewcial Ties  answered the call.  She said how about a pirate girl type outfit!  UM YESSSSSS!!!!  Once that was settled my brain went crazy!  Here is my concept drawing for the shoot!

Next came props!!  Thanks to my fabulously create husband  who cut me out some pretty cool pieces and took my flame idea and made it come to life.   The only thing I didn’t have at in the shoot was the Tee Pee, which I had but there was just enough wind to keep knocking it over so it was out!   I set up the sail and within minutes it was crawling with HUGE red ants.   So we had to watch our step and off came my sandals…. on came the rainboots!   Miss Lily had such a fun time and was a natural.  I will use her as a model again when I need one.  This shoot was created with her in mind!! 🙂   Here are the final results.

pirate concept shoot halloween las vegas

As the shoot was winding down and I was so happy that it went the way my idea’s had wanted it and even better for the most part I was starting to pick things up as it was getting dark and Lily jumped up on the boat.  I caught her silhouette out of the corner of my eye.

“Quick grab the sword”  I yelled to her!

I can’t believe I almost missed this shot!!

silhouette photographyThis made the shoot above and beyond my dreams and sleepless nights where my mind wouldn’t stop creating!!!    If you would like to schedule a concept shoot with Renee Waters Photography  email reneewatersphotos@yahoo.com

Thanks to Wise Social Ties for the awesome upcycled outfit!!

Hot Pink fancy Headband is by Lisa’s mini mad hattery! 

Halloween Mini Mini photo sessions Las Vegas children Photographer, Las Vegas Family Photgrapher

Since Halloween falls on a Monday this year, I decided to host a weekend of Mini Mini sessions.    I photograph the fall carnival at my husbands school and it is so much fun I decided to do my own version.   My husband is an artist and art teacher and makes me awesome backdrops.  I will have a fun Halloween theme for you to bring your kids to take photos in their costumes.  I will also be happy to take a family photo if you would like.  Why is it called a Mini Mini?  Well, it is because it is less time than a normal Mini session and also a lower price NOT including a disk.  This will be along the lines of a Santa session at the mall, where it is quick and easy.  You will be emailed 4 files within a week, and I will order one 5×7 print that I will mail to you!  Make a playdate and book you and your friends back to back.  Mini Mini sessions will be 20 minutes or less, depending on how many people are in your shoot.  Price is 40 per child/group booked with each additional child and or group at 30 dollars.  For instance if you have 2 kids and want both to have their photo and digital images, it would be 70 dollars.  If you wanted to just have one group shot of the 2 kids it would be 40 dollars.  If you wanted to have 2 kids individual and together it would be 100.   So it can be as inexpensive as you would like it to be.  There will be a “treat” for each child!

Email reneewatersphotos@yahoo.com to make your appointment.   Sessions will be Oct 29-30 9am-6pm in 20 minute time slots.  Call ASAP for best times.    Pass it on to your friends and family!!

santa holiday photos halloween trick or treat las vegas

ALSO I am offering a 20% off my regular rates for photo sessions for September and October.  Get your Holiday photos in before the rush!  Email for rates and availability!

BIG Photographer GIVEAWAY! (via zozobugbabyblog)

Check out this fabulous giveaway from one of my favorites at zozobugbaby!! 🙂

BIG Photographer GIVEAWAY! I have 2 awesome giveaways this week and the first one will be of particular interest to both budding and professional photographers alike! I really don't host giveaways, but this one just happened. :)I have some pretty cool friends! Let's get started! If you have been in the photography world for more than 5 minutes, you KNOW Angie Monson of Simplicity Photography and SP Design. Her style is very distinct, with gorgeous sunflare and rich, butter … Read More

via zozobugbabyblog